Produce Helps Family Stay Healthy

Produce Helps Family Stay HealthyMeet Blanca, a mother who serves as the primary caregiver for her entire household, which consists of her husband, five-year-old son, mother, and two parents-in-law.

While her husband works, Blanca provides fulltime care for her preschooler and takes her father-in-law to his dialysis appointments daily. Blanca’s familial duties leave her little time to work, which means her family has to rely on assistance to cover all the bills.

Blanca is also responsible for keeping her family’s health in check. Since all the adults in Blanca’s home besides herself are diabetic, nutritious foods are essential.

Even so, Blanca isn’t one to take food for granted. “Whatever they give us, we use everything,” she said. With the help of Central California Food Bank, Blanca and her family can meet their financial and health needs.

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