Central California Food Bank

4010 E Amendola Dr. Fresno, CA 93725
Front Desk Receptionist: Ext. 1100

Staff contact information is intended for business use only. Do not solicit Central California Food Bank staff to sell goods, products, or services. 


Name Title Ext.
Aaron Hoffman Distribution Center Associate    
Abel Quijada Pack Line Operator    
Alena Melo Community Programs Coordinator 1135 amelo@ccfoodbank.org
Alicia Ferrer CalFresh Programs Manager 1121 aferrer@ccfoodbank.org
Alicia Martin Director of Finance 1110 amartin@ccfoodbank.org
Allison Stuart IT Support Specialist I 1139 astuart@ccfoodbank.org
Anansa Dioum Development/Executive Assistant 1101 adioum@ccfoodbank.org
Andrea Vallejo Grocery Rescue Coordinator 1126 avallejo@ccfoodbank.org
Angela Vue USDA & Direct Services Coordinator 1108 avue@ccfoodbank.org
Arthur Vital Groceries2Go Support Coordinator 1150 avital@ccfoodbank.org
Brenetta Sadakov CalFresh Outreach Coordinator 1137 bsadakov@ccfoodbank.org
Carlos Tovar Groceries2Go Coordinator 1128 ctovar@ccfoodbank.org
Chanel Ruiz-Mendez Director of Development 1115 cruizmendez@ccfoodbank.org
Chelsi Johnston Grants Administrator 1109 cjohnston@ccfoodbank.org
Daniel Arteaga Warehouse Lead 1146 darteaga@ccfoodbank.org
Diana Rambo Major Gifts Officer 1119 drambo@ccfoodbank.org
Djordan Didulo Accounting Manager 1152 ddidulo@ccfoodbank.org
Elias Perez Distribution Center Associate    
Emilia Avila CalFresh Outreach Coordinator 1120 eavila@ccfoodbank.org
Erik Delgadillo Class C Driver    
Filiberto Limones Distribution Center Associate    
Frank Ortiz Class C Driver    
Fue (Mike) Yang Class A Driver    
Guillermo Velazquez Distribution Center Associate    
Heather Gonzalez Member Partner Coordinator 1138 hgonzalez@ccfoodbank.org
Jaclyn Pack Director of Food Acquisitions 1112 jpack@ccfoodbank.org
Jacob Oh Class A Driver    
James Garcia Quality Control Coordinator 1116 jgarcia@ccfoodbank.org
Javier Molina Class C Driver    
Jesus Casillas Vega Maintenance and Sanitation Associate    
Jesus Cisneros Member Partner Coordinator 1123 jcisneros@ccfoodbank.org
Joanna Felger Donor Engagement Manager 1114 jfelger@ccfoodbank.org
Jobelle Nunez Volunteer Manager 1106 jnunez@ccfoodbank.org
Joe Espinosa Warehouse Manager 1117 jespinosa@ccfoodbank.org
Jose Vidal Logistics Supervisor 1103 jvidal@ccfoodbank.org
Juan Uribe Class C Driver    
Juan Uribe Jr. Class C Driver    
Ker Her Class C Driver    
Kym Dildine co-CEO 1124 kdildine@ccfoodbank.org
Larissa Nevarez Community Programs Coordinator 1130 lnevarez@ccfoodbank.org
Leticia Pena Finance Assistant 1111 lpena@ccfoodbank.org
Marisol Ramirez Human Resources Manager 1136 mramirez@ccfoodbank.org
McKay Duran Public Policy & Advocacy Manager 1151 mduran@ccfoodbank.org
Melvin Green Class B Driver    
Miguel Herrera-Nava Class C Driver    
Natalie Caples co-CEO 1104 ncaples@ccfoodbank.org
Randy Wood Director of Operations 1125 rwood@ccfoodbank.org
Raman Gill Donor Engagement Coordinator 1147 rgill@ccfoodbank.org
Rodolfo Cortez Class A Driver    
Rosa Araiza Direct Services Coordinator 1141 raraiza@ccfoodbank.org
Rubi Vital Receptionist 1100 rvital@ccfoodbank.org
Saul Ibarra Events & Cause Marketing Coordinator 1127 sibarra@ccfoodbank.org
Selma Sanchez First Fruits Market Coordinator 1145 ssanchez@ccfoodbank.org
Shelbe Van Zwol Food Acquisitions Manager 1118 svanzwol@ccfoodbank.org
Stephanie Wininger First Fruits Market Coordinator   swininger@ccfoodbank.org
Susie Murillo Inventory Specialist 1102 smurillo@ccfoodbank.org
Tami Valle Member Partner Manager 1132 tvalle@ccfoodbank.org
Te’Shkia Coleman-Pierce Volunteer Services Coordinator 1140 tcolemanpierce@ccfoodbank.org
Tim Lockwood Class B Driver    
Timothy Tonel Staff Accountant 1105 ttonel@ccfoodbank.org
Tristan Langstaff Information Technology Manager 1160 tlangstaff@ccfoodbank.org
Vanessa Hernandez Community Programs Manager 1107 vhernandez@ccfoodbank.org
Victor Bobo Class C Driver    
Yadira (Yaya) Covarrubias Operations Assistant 1133 ycovarrubias@ccfoodbank.org

Give them nourishment today
so they can thrive tomorrow.

$1 provides 4 meals and more.
Your donation will provide hope to your neighbors in need.