Jefferson Elementary School

Two dedicated staff members address the need to feed hungry students at Jefferson Elementary School. Follow their journey from purchasing groceries for families out of their own pockets to launching the first Full Choice pantry at Clovis Unified.

Tristan Langstaff

Things didn't always seem quite right, but Tristan had no idea as a child that his dad was providing him with food from a food bank. See how Tristan has put those pieces together and what he's doing today.

Judy Jones

From a life of drugs and despair, Judy turned her life around. Watch to see how a Neighborhood Market gave Judy the leadership skills and confidence to sustain a life that looks much different than it once did.

Kerry Figueroa

Both Kerry and her husband lost jobs due to the pandemic. Hear about how her family was heavily impacted by loss of income, panic buying, and the fear of the unknown.

Joan Minasian

After an unexpected crisis, Joan had to seek help from the Food Bank. Now she is on the Board at Central California Food Bank and gives back to those who were there for her as a teen.

How You Can Make A Difference

Give them nourishment today
so they can thrive tomorrow.

$1 provides 4 meals and more.
Your donation will provide hope to your neighbors in need.