College Hunger Study

We are proud to partner with local colleges and universities to provide food support to college students through on-campus food pantries. We recently participated in a College Hunger Study along with the Tiger Pantry at Reedley Community College. Facilitated by Feeding America and Claremont Graduate University, the study surveyed and interviewed Reedley College students, pantry staff, and administrators. The majority of participants were students who had accessed the pantry in the last year. Students reported facing challenges limiting their access and ability to afford food, including limited income, stress/anxiety, demands of working and being a student, responsibilities as a caretaker for children and/or relatives, and lack of transportation. We recognize that college students struggling with hunger need this valuable resource on their college campuses. The College Hunger Study was generously funded through a grant from the Kresge Foundation and General Mills Foundation. Review the finding here: Reedley Campus Profile 2020

Reedley Pantry website:

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