What is CalFresh?

Benefits are received monthly on a plastic EBT card (like an ATM or debit card), and can be used to buy food in grocery stores and farmers markets that accept EBT. You can buy more fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods for the whole family!  The amount of benefits you can receive is dependent on your family size, countable income, and monthly expenses.

CalFresh is not a welfare program, it is an entitlement program funded by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

If you would like a staff member to walk you through the application and submit it on your behalf, please click on the interest form below.

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Cal Fresh Interest Form

If you would like to submit the application on your own without assistance from our CalFresh staff, click the application link below.

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For a consultation or assistance enrolling in CalFresh you may book a free 30 minute appointment with an advisor:

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Or email/call the following options if you are unable to make a virtual appointment:

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Brenetta Sadakov, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator


Que es CalFresh?

Calfresh estirara su prepuesto de comida.

Beneficios de CalFresh se agregarán a una tarjeta plástica de transferencia electrónica de beneficios (EBT) cada mes, y se puede comparar comida en cualquier tienda de comestibles o mercado sobre ruedas autorizado a aceptar EBT. ¡Puede comprar más fruta, verduras, y otros alimentos saludables para toda la familia! La cantidad que reciba dependerá de sus ingresos, gastos, y número de personas elegibles en su familia.

El programa de CalFresh no es ayuda de gobierno; es patrocinado por USDA (Departamento de Agricultura de Estados Unidos)

Por favor llene la forma de interés aquí

Para más información por favor llame (hablamos español):

Brenetta Sadakov, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator

(559) 237-3663 ext. 1137

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$1 provides 7 meals & more. Your donation will provide hope to the children, families, and seniors we serve.