Forge 95.3

Our Mission

At the Cesar Chavez Foundation, our mission is to uplift the lives of Latinos and working families by inspiring and transforming communities through social enterprises that address essential human, cultural and community needs.

Forge 95.3 in Fresno, is the newest network of radio stations of the Cesar Chavez Foundation. Our Parent network, Radio Campesina, consistently ranks in the top for audiences within all its markets.  We are confident Forge 95.3 will soon have a strong presence in each of its markets as well.

CCFB feeds approximately 280,000 people monthly of which 100,000 are children pre COVID19.  This year their food distribution has increased over 19% compared to this timeframe last year.  CCFB is working tirelessly to feed those in need because of the impacts of COVID-19.  Monetary donations allow them to continue their invaluable services.

Please help Forge 95.3 help the Central California Food Bank by donating whatever is in your heart to help feed those less fortunate during this Holiday season.  Donate now through November 25th 2020

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